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All routes on the normal schedules for collection.

There are many factors which determine our schedule such as whether the landfill and recycle center are open for the trucks to be able to unload to the roadway conditions between where we are located to the roads in the communities.
We advise all customers to place their items out on their scheduled day by 6:00 am and we will collect it as soon as safely possible. If your items are not collected on your normal day of service they should be left out until we have been able to collect the routes. By everyone having their items available on their collection day and left out it gives us the opportunity to collect from more than one route in a day if necessary.

Keep in mind that the trash and recycle truck have different arrival times. There may be times that one truck can't collect on your road/street and by the time the second truck gets to your area the roads may have had enough melting for that other truck to collect safely. Roads/streets will be collected at the drivers discretion.

We will always do our best to collect in a timely manner.

At the drivers discretion they will collect from roads that are safely passable at the time of their arrival due to inclement weather conditions. There are two different trucks collecting the trash and recycle. One truck may be able to collect however the other truck may not be able to at the time of their arrival if road conditions are not cleared for the truck to collect.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.