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1. How do I sign up for new service?

Email or contact us by phone at (919) 542-5398 Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 pm.

2. What time does my trash/recycle need to be out for collection?

Trash and/or recycle should be out at the curb or alley by 6:00 am or the night before on your collection day.

3. Do you take yard debris?

Yard debris is not allowed in the household trash or recycle. Trash cans with these items in them will not be collected until the yard debris has been removed.

A yard debris service is offered in select areas. Currently this is being offered in The Preserve, Governors Village, Governors Park, Governors Lake, and Governors Forest. If you are located in one of these areas and would like further information please call (919) 542-5398.

For the other areas where the yard debris service is not offered, individuals may take their yard debris to the local landfill located at 28 County Services Rd. Pittsboro (919) 542-5516. Residents should call for the rates for the disposal of these items.

4. Do you accept appliances?

Most items such as appliances, mattresses, furniture, grills, wooden crates/pallets and large bulky items require prior notice and special pick up fees may apply according to items to be removed. Call for more information or to set up removal service date.

Any special pick up that has been scheduled by the customer who does not cancel the pick up in advance will be charged $35.00.

Yard debris, compact fluorescent light bulbs, tvs, computers, oil, paint, pesticides, tires, construction debris (sheet rock, doors, windows, bags of concrete, lumber, steel, iron, shingles), hazardous items and propane tanks are NOT collected with household trash. Individuals may take these items to the local recycle collection center or landfill. Call to confirm what is taken at these collection sites and for hours of operation.

Cole Park Plaza 11632 US 15-501 (919) 932-2834

Pittsboro 180 County Garage Rd (919) 545-0640

Siler City East 135 Silk Hope Rd (919) 663-5990

Marthas Chapel 24 Gardner Rd (919) 387-5843

We cannot take whole or partial animal remains in the trash or recycle collection.

5. When is my bill due?

All services are billed quarterly in advance.

We ask for payments to be made at the beginning of each quarter. Due dates for each quarter are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st.
Bills are placed out at your home where service is received.

Payment should be mailed to 25 Baron Court Pittsboro, NC 27312.

We now can take over the phone credit card payments, call 919-542-5398 for payment.
You may issue payments to us thru your financial banking institution using the your physical address to reference the account.

For extended absences of a month (4 consecutive weeks) or more you can may call for a rate adjustment. Periods less than a month we can not offer an adjustment on the billing.

6. If I have extra recycle that does not fit into the recycle bin what can I do?

Additional recycle items may be placed out in any container of your choice.

7. What cannot be put out with recycle for collection?

Styrofoam, plastic bags, bubble wrap, air conditioning filters, light bulbs, used tissue products, clay pots, ceramics, motor or cooking oils, oil filters, shoes, clothing, construction debris and yard debris, including concrete, dirt and gravel, are not accepted.

We cannot take whole or partial animal remains in the trash or recycle collection.

8. Do you have dumpsters available?

We do not have rolls off or dumpsters. We collect private residential households.

9. Can I use my own trash can and recycle bin?

Effective 2-14-18 if you choose to use your own items such as trash cans and recycle bins we can not be held responsible for damages other than what is provided from First Choice Disposal. We will treat your property as if it were ours and will not abuse any personal items used by individuals.

10. What about Covid-19?


For those of you concerned about the cleanliness and/or spread of the coronavirus,  residents can use a clorox solution or any other disinfectant on the cans or bins.

This will be at the discretion and responsibilty of the homeowner if you choose to clean your can.

There is no possible way we can clean the cans after each pick up but understand this may be a concern for some homeowners.

We recommend washing hands before and after contact with the trash can/recycle bins or wearing gloves as the CDC has advised.

Understand we are not asking individuals to clean the cans but are letting everyone know you may do so if you have concerns about these items being cleaned.

Our guys are provided with gloves along with hand sanitizer and would not be working if they are sick with this or any other virus or flu.

We ask that during this time all trash to be put in bags and all bags placed in the can for removal.


11. Can liquids be placed in the trash or recycle?
Effective 7-25-22 flyers were placed out to everyone stating that no liquids are allowed in the trash or recycle.

Please empty all liquids for bottles, cans or any other containers. It will eliminate spillage from these items and will be better on the landfill, recycle center and your neighborhood streets. When the truck pack back to make more room for additional items the liquids fill up the back of the truck and can spill out on the roadway and at the collection centers.

Thank you in advance for cooperation!

12. Can I use more than one trash can?

The monthly rate is based upon one trash can, if you wish to use a second can that you provide there would be an additional monthly fee. Call for more information.