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Items should be out by 6:00 am curbside for collection.
All boxes must now be flattened or broken down.

-Boxes larger than 4ft x 4ft are now limited to 4 boxes per recycle collection if you have extra boxes outside the recycle container. There is not a limit on boxes that are inside the recycle container as long as the lid is closed and not packed so tightly that the contents of the recycle container empty out easily when being dumped into the back of the recycle truck.
-If you have more than 4 boxes larger than 4ft x 4ft there will be a $1.00 fee for each additional box.

-Payment for the overage must be attached to the recycle container on the day of removal in order for it to be collected. Payment should be made to First Choice Disposal. Please do not mail this payment in as it is due at the time of the recycle collection.

Moving boxes are now taken as follows:

-The first 10 moving boxes are free.

-There will be a $1.00 removal fee for each box over 10 at the time of removal. Payment for the extras boxes should be attached to the recycle container and made out to First Choice Disposal in order to be collected.

-Packing paper must be in a CLEAR bag and each bag counted as a box when determining payment. Packing paper in colored or black bags will not be taken with the recycle.

-The maximum number of moving boxes (flattened/broken down) is 50 per recycle collection.

We would greatly appreciate your help with the placement of the recycle container and trash cans. These items should be distinctly separated from each other. We are not able to sort thru to find the items for trash or the items for the recycle.  Any items combined together and not separated will not get collected.

The crews are spending a lot of time sorting thru items on each truck and in order to make collections more effective these items need to be separated.

The recycle unloading fees are continuing to increase and to avoid raising the rates on everyone these new removal fees are being placed in effect immediately. Not everyone has a lot of boxes or moving boxes and this is one way we are attempting to keep our rates the same for as long as possible. We've had a lot of fuel increases and many other raised operating costs and feel this change is necessary at this time. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Flyers are being placed out beginning 12-30-22.

As the recycle program guidelines are changing for us we will update the website accordingly. Check back often for any new updates.

The recycle market is changing and we need to make sure everyone does their part not put non-recycle items out in the recycle so that it doesn't create contamination.

All recycled glass can still be placed in with the mixed recycle. It doesn't need to be separated.

As a reminder do not put these items in the recycle-animal waste, used tissue products, aluminum foil, take out containers, light bulbs, styrofoam, plastic bags, bubble wrap, garden hoses, hazardous containers, plastic cups, aluminum foil/trays or take out containers, shredded paper is not allowed in the recycle.

All recycle is mixed together in recycle bin. Nothing needs to be separated.

All items should be rinsed with lids removed.

Please empty and rinse any liquids from jars, bottles or any other containers. This will prevent spillage and be better for the recycle center and landfills environment.

Recycle will be collected on the same day as your trash. These items should be placed out by 6:00 am. The trash and recycle should be placed out on opposite sides of the driveway from each other. This helps the crews can easily distinguish which is recycle and which is trash. Black, colored and opaque bags cannot be be used for additional recycle items.

The following items will be collected for recycle and should be out by 6:00 am curbside or the night before your designated day of collection.  Recycle items must be placed within one foot of the curb.

Glass- All colors (green, brown, and clear)  Rinsed and lids removed. Lids should be thrown away in the trash.

Plastic- Plastics numbered  #1 &  # 2. Containers rinsed and lids removed. Lids should be thrown away in the trash. (Example-plastic bottles, jugs, jars and tubs with the number on the bottom)

We do not take styrofoam, plastic bags, bubble wrap, take out trays, aluminum foil or aluminum trays even if it has recycle symbol or code.

Cans- Steel and aluminum. All items must be rinsed. Lids should be thrown away in the trash.

Paper products- Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, old phone books, packing paper, paperback books, hardback books (remove binding) and all cardboard (corrugated and non corrugated) such as detergent boxes, cereal, pizza boxes, moving boxes etc. Soiled cardboard boxes cannot be recycled, for example pizza boxes if they are left with any food residue.


Shredded paper, lids form containers, plastic bags, styrofoam, ceramics, clay pots, light bulbs, bubble wrap, AC or oil filters, tissue products, tires, batteries, electronics, household cleaning products, paint, articles of clothing, yard debris, wood pieces, toiletries, shredded paper, garden hoses, plastic cups, hazardous waste containers, plastics toys/furniture and oil are NOT collected with recycle.

No whole or partial animal remains are allowed in the trash or recycle for collection.

Effective 2-14-18 if you choose to use your own items such as can and bins we can not be held responsible for damages other than items provided for First Choice Disposal